Arrange Your Thoughts to Work for You

Your thoughts can wreak havoc in your daily life, but realistically, only if you let them. You can actually take hold of those thoughts and put them in their place. Here are a few hints on how you can arrange those thoughts yourself.

Eight Helpful Hints to Arrange Your Thoughts to Work for You:

1. Avoid negative statements: Avoid using negative statements about yourself, for some reason they tend to become self-fulfilling prophecies. Negative self-fulfilling prophecies are some things you don't need in your already stress-filled life.

2. Replace negative thoughts with simple affirmations: Create a few simple affirmations to help get you through the day or a tough situation. Affirmations are okay and helpful if they become self fulfilling prophecies. These you can handle.

3. Avoid "should've, could've, would've" statements: When using statements like "I should've done this or that", or even saying "I could've said this or that", you just reinforce the past situation with regret. The past is 'said and done' and you can only go forward.

4. Look for the positive side of things: Everything in life has two sides, a positive and a negative. Think about the good things in your life, your health, your skills, your musical talent, your friends, the sunshine, the trees and flowers.

5. Learn to re-phrase your negative thoughts: Your negative thoughts are signals that something is out of sync in your thinking process. It is your cue to re-think your negative pattern to a more positive one.

6. Apply your strengths: Ask yourself which of your varied strengths apply to a particular situation. Ask yourself how you coped with a particular stressful situation in the past and apply that particular method.

7. Pat yourself on the back: Waiting around for someone to pat you on the back for your good deeds or accomplishments will only add to your negative statements. Give yourself credit for what you know you've done and done it well.

8. Be good to yourself: Don't be so hard on yourself when you make a mistake. We all make mistakes and we learn from them, that's the real purpose of mistakes, some are smaller than others and some have less of an impact than others. It's part of life.

These eight helpful hints are not in numerical order; they are hints on how to arrange your thoughts for a better life. Life is full of ups and downs because it's part of life. The key is to learn to manage the downs wisely and enjoy the ups with passion for a better life.

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