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8 Ways to Arrange Positive Thinking

Your thoughts can wreak havoc in your daily life, but realistically, only if you let them. You can actually take hold of those thoughts and put them in their place. Here are a few hints on how you can arrange those thoughts yourself. Read full article


Does Generalist Writing Have Disadvantages?

As a generalist writer, I'm often asked, "Does being a freelance generalist writer have disadvantages?"  My answer is, "Yes, it does!"  But before we go there, let's define what a 'generalist writer' is. A 'generalist writer' is... Read full article

10 Good Reasons to Join a Meditation Group

Meditation has many benefits and you'd love to reap those benefits. Oh, but it's so hard to get into a meditation routine when you're alone. You're discouraged because you've got questions, feel you don't have enough information, or you just wish you had some support.Read full article

3 Benefits of a Yoga Practice

Yoga has been around for centuries and people throughout the ages have experimented or come in contact with someone who has a practice... Yoga benefits range from immune system strengthening, muscle toning, arthritic care, and emotional balance.Following are three most sought after benefits... Read full article

Ghostwriting and Short Article Writing in Oakdale, Minnesota

Clarify Your Mission Statement

It’s interesting to note that many businesses start out with very good intentions and take up many hours of discussion in creating a mission statement for their company; however it’s also true that many of these statements are not very clear. Following are some steps... Read full article

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4 Tips on Personal Care

How do you feel about your physical appearance in relation to your own self-esteem? If you have low self-esteem your physical appearance may be the last thing on your mind or maybe you could care less about... Read full article


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