How do you feel about your physical appearance in relation to your own self-esteem? If you have low self-esteem your physical appearance may be the last thing on your mind or maybe you could care less about...

  • what others may think
  • what others may say
  • when you're home alone
  • when you're out in public

If you're afflicted with low self-esteem you may not care what others think or see anyway, but your self-esteem shows through even when you think no one's looking. Self-esteem refers to the concept of your own self appraisal, in other words, what does your own self-worth look like?

If you're an individual who struggles with self-esteem issues in regards to your physical appearance, you are not alone and following are just a few simple ways you may build your self-esteem in a few every day steps.

Boost your self-esteem by caring about your physical appearance:

  1. Bathing: Some people may think that bathing is not an essential part of self-esteem and that just putting on clean clothes will do the trick. Not so, because you are either wearing clothes that breaths (lets out odors) or you're wearing clothes that hold your sweat in (retains moisture) making matters worse. Bathing on a regular basis is a must to building your self-esteem, besides, isn't it a great feeling to wash off all those dead skin cells to allow the new ones to grow in a healthy manner?
  2. Hair Care: Whether it's stylish or just plain Jane or average Joe, it's all the same. Hair care is a must for self-esteem boosting. But why? Because it's you in the mirror, and it's you that others will see and/or smell. Oily, grungy-looking hair is a big turn off to just about anyone, and here's the worst of dirty hair. You don't smell it because you walk forward and away from it, others behind you do. Respect yourself, wash it, care for it, and it will respond with pleasant looks. Your hair speaks wonders without words.
  3. Clothing: You don't have to be a fashion buff nor wear expensive clothing to boost your self-esteem, it's all in the way you care for your clothing. Care for your clothing reveals the value you place on yourself. Plan ahead and do your laundry on a regular basis. You can even boost your self-esteem in those unpredictable emergencies by having an extra pair of socks, any type of undergarments, and an extra change of clothing stashed away for emergency use.
  4. Sleep: If you have a tendency to neglect your required beauty sleep, beware; because one day you'll wake up, look in the mirror and SURPRISE! Those dark circles have appeared out of nowhere. Yes, we joke about getting our beauty sleep, but it's a fact that getting enough restful night's sleep can do wonders for your appearance. Don't attempt to read those articles, newspapers, or do homework in bed, you'll either have nightmares or those news stories will cause restless sleep. Instead use a peaceful positive affirmation as you close your eyes to sleep.

So does personal care have anything to do with your self-esteem?

It certainly does!

So what if nobody is coming over, or even that you're home alone!

These are the best times to practice those self-esteem boosters because you are important. You matter as a human being and as a member of society.

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